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International Excess baggage to Paraguay

Posted by: Adam Lucas

Hello and good day to you. I must travel from my home office at Detroit, Michigan, in the United States on a business trip next month. Since I will be away for several weeks, I am taking some extra baggage with me. After doing some basic research, I have concluded it will be better if I ship my international excess baggage to Paraguay rather than check it onto the flight I am taking. Does your company ship my baggage on the same flight I will be traveling? Or do you ship excess baggage by some other method? Will you use air freight? Or do you ship by ocean cargo? Where would I check my baggage with your company? Do you supply the shipping cartons? Or is this something I must provide? How do you base your excess baggage shipping charges? Where will I pickup my baggage when I arrive at Paraguay? Will I be able to collect it at the airport baggage counter? Thanks for sending this information to my email address. I think this will be the easiest way for me to receive it.