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Household International Movers to Paraguay

Posted by: Renart Luisip

How difficult will it be to locate an experienced household international movers to Paraguay? How much notice would you require of my move before scheduling a moving day? Does your company provide packing services? Or do you simply provide the packing materials and boxes? How much do you charge for either service? I am moving from Argentina, so the move will not be too far, yet it will be far enough. This move is planned for the middle of next month. Would your company need more time for scheduling? I am moving from a two bedroom apartment. Yet, I have but one bedroom suite. I use the spare bedroom to pack some other things out of the way. I do have a few tables that will need covered and I also have a few electronic devices that will need to have some additional padding as well. Can you give an estimate as to how much you will charge to complete this move? Please send your moving information to my email address. I think that would be the quickest way for me to receive it. Thanks.