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Package Express shipping to Paraguay

Posted by: Valeriano Badilla

Is there anyone who is available to answer my questions about package express shipping to Paraguay? Our point of origin for this shipment is Bogota, Colombia. If it will help you to send a quote, the shipping weight of this package is 3 kilograms. Its size is 30 cm in length, 18 cm wide, and 24 cm deep. When will your company be available for a pickup at our location? Do you require an advanced notice, and if so how much time do you need to know before the pickup? Is there anyone at your company that we may contact after we have reviewed the information you send? How can we get more information about the shipping process? Is it possible to schedule an exact day and time for this shipment to be delivered? What forms of payment does your company accept? Can we pay online? Please also include if there are any special considerations that we must be aware of in regards to customs. We will appreciate it if you will send your company's information to the contact information we have included here.