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Package International shipping to Paraguay

Posted by: Larry Baker

I have a package that I have to ship this week, and I am here to ask for information about package international shipping to Paraguay. My company is shipping this package from our warehouse in New Jersey, in the United States, and it may be picked up during our normal business hours. These hours will be provided to you once we have established contact. The package weighs 12 pounds. The size of this package is 10 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 8 inches deep. Do you have a cost estimate for this shipment that is based on the information I have provided? What is your estimated delivery time? Why should we choose your company for our shipping needs and not the other shipping company? Does your company include insurance that will pay for the value of this package if it is lost or damaged during shipping? I understand that I have posed many questions within this brief space. But I am sure that you understand that I must have sufficient information for me to make a sound decision. Thank you for sending this information to me.