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Furniture Shipping to Paraguay

I need to ship a couple of pieces of furniture to my nephew, so I have stopped in this forum to request information about furniture shipping to Paraguay. If there are any companies who specialize in shipments to this country then please email me as soon as possible. Due to a recent loss in our family, I have the need to send a dining room table, a coffee table, and an end table to my nephew in Paraguay. I have never shipped anything this large before, nor have I shipped anything that would go this much of a distance. Therefore, I require the assistance of a professional who can guide me through this process. How should I pack these tables so they will arrive at my nephew's home undamaged? How much will this cost me to ship? Do you offer additional insurance to cover any loss or damage that your company does not cover. I am giving you my personal email address for you to send me this information. Thank you for this. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.