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Containerized Ocean cargo to Macedonia

Posted by: Jesus Fernandez

My company is near to Miami, Florida, United States, and we must send a shipment overseas. This shipment will be ready to load toward the middle of next week. It will need a 48 ft container to load, and the gross weight will be 41,038 pounds. Please send us information about containerized ocean cargo to Macedonia at your earliest convenience. Is your company experienced with the government laws and regulations for imports to Macedonia? Does Macedonia fall under the European Union (EU) regulations? We are not sure about this so we wanted to ask someone more knowledgeable before the shipping day. Is your company licensed and insured to do business in each country this cargo will travel through? Does your company provide a standard shipping information package? If so, then please send that along with your response to our questions we have posted here. Please also include your shipping rates and your available payment options as well. Thank you for sending this information. If you include your contact information we will contact you momentarily.