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Household International Movers to Macedonia

Posted by: Lupeta Herrera

Hello and thank you for reading my forum post as I ask for information about household international movers to Macedonia. I was born and raised here in Spain, but I have more relatives in Macedonia, than I have remaining in Spain. So next month, I plan to move and I need to know what I can expect along the way. I hope that you can help. I am moving from a two bedroom apartment that is fully furnished. I also have many items that will require packing. Can your company pack my items? How much do you charge for packing supplies and services? Can I purchase the boxes and other supplies from your company? I would also like to ask if your company prepares the customs documents for my possessions? I am not sure if this is required or not. I thought I would ask anyway. Who can I contact if I have more questions after I have read the information you send? Will you also send me a quote for your moving charges? Thank you for responding to my questions.