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Express Box shipping to Macedonia

Posted by: Delgadino Vicente

I am here to ask for information from a company who provides express box shipping to Macedonia. We are shipping a few items from our warehouse here in Barcelona, Spain. We normally use one of the major express couriers, but we want to change this around and offer some business to other companies as well. So if your company is stable and can offer efficient and economical service with an on time delivery, then please send us your information as soon as possible. How would we go about becoming an established account with your company? Do you require an advanced notice before making a pickup? If so, then how far in advance do you require this notice? What are your standard and express shipping terms? Do you offer a guaranteed delivery service? How does your company process damage claims? With regards to this current shipment, what is your estimated shipping charges that you will apply to this shipment? The box weighs slightly less than 3 kilograms. We will appreciate your sending us this information. Please also include your direct contact information as well.