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International Excess baggage to Hungary

Posted by: Roberta Thomas

Hello and good day. I need information about international excess baggage to Hungary. If you can ship my baggage from Perth, Australia, that will work out great. I am traveling to Hungary on business and I always must take more baggage with me in order to carry my presentation materials. This means I must ship 5 bags total. Well, you know how much the airlines charge with their excess baggage fees. I hope you can ship my baggage cheaper than they can. Do you charge by the piece or by the weight of the baggage? Since I am flying out from Perth, does your company have an office nearby that I can drop off my baggage for shipping? What is its location and its hours of operation? Do you offer assurances that you will deliver my baggage by the time my flight arrives? Do you protect my baggage from being damaged during shipping? My presentation items are not replaceable from such a distance right away. Thanks for sending me your information as soon as possible as my flight is due to depart Perth next week.