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International Movers to Hungary from Romania

I require the services of a international movers to Hungary from Romania. If you can have this move completed within the next two weeks that would be great. How much will you charge to move my possessions? How about packing services? Do you pack everything yourselves, or would it be better if I do it? If I pack, do you have the packing materials that I can use to secure everything? Since I have provided my email address to make it simpler for you to contact me, please directly address those questions I have already asked as well as any further information you can send that I will need to know. Also, are there any taxes or fees for my possessions to cross the border into Hungary from Romania? I"m sorry if my questions sound so simple, but I've never moved into another country before so I am a little confused by some of these things. Thanks for emailing me to respond to my inquiry and I look forward to reviewing your information.