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Thank you for reading my inquiry. I have the need for express shipping to Hungary services from an experienced company. This company should also be able to deliver this package on time and undamaged. If your company can complete this shipment on those terms then I have the need for your company's services. The package includes several boxes of sewing needles, so there is hardly any weight to the package at all. The box is also about 1 ft by 1 ft by 1 ft, so it is not that large either. Yet, the package does require express services because the needles are necessary for a sewing facility that is located at Budapest. So I need your assurances that your company can deliver this package promptly. This is why I request express shipping services. So it will be there quickly. How much do you charge for express shipping services? Can you guarantee an on time delivery? What happens if you cannot deliver on time? If the shipment is damaged, what are your policies regarding claims for this. Thank you for responding to my inquiry via the email address I have provided.