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International Express shipping to Hungary

Posted by: Henry Yeltsin

I need information about international express shipping to Hungary from a company who can complete this delivery. I have a package that is about 2 ft in length by 1 and a half ft wide, and is about 7 inches deep. Including the packaging, it weighs less than 6 pounds. Do you have an estimated cost that you will charge to ship this package with your company? How soon will you deliver this package to Hungary when I will ship it from Moscow, Russia? Do you have a drop off location nearby, or must I accept a pickup service from your company? Would you also be able to guarantee your work in that my package will arrive undamaged? Do you also have a specific day and / or time that you will deliver this package? Is there a way that I can track this package over the Internet and watch its progress during transit? Please send your information to my contact address as I have provided here. This will get your information to me much quicker. Thanks for sending this.