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Air Express shipping to Luxembourg

Mexicali Wholesale
Posted by: Roberto Gonzalez

Greetings. I am assigned to make shipping arrangements for an order that will be sent by air express shipping to Luxembourg. If your company provides this shipping service, please email me information about this service. Will you also include if there are any packaging or other considerations we must include with this shipment since it is being shipped from Mexico City, Mexico? What are the customs rules at Luxembourg as they pertain to international shipments? Does the Luxembourg government apply any tariffs or duties on imports into their country? Are there any products or items that are restricted from entering Luxembourg? This shipment will be ready to ship next week. When can you schedule a pickup? How soon will you deliver this package to Luxembourg? Can you guarantee you will deliver it by then? Do you have a standard shipping rate that will apply to shipments made between Mexico and Luxembourg? Thanks for sending me this information as soon as possible. Please include your contact information as well.