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International Excess baggage to Luxembourg

Posted by: Xaviar Belen

Thanks for responding to my post. I need information about shipping international excess baggage to Luxembourg. I must travel from my main office here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in the United States on business next month. As a part of my responsibilities, I typically present new and potential customers with product samples, and other promotional items. This means I must take multiple suit cases that will accommodate these items. I would prefer not to pay the high shipping fees that the airlines will charge, so I am in search for a reliable shipper who can deliver my baggage on time. Is there a special method that I should use to pack everything in preparation for shipping? How will I arrange for delivery and collection of my baggage? Do you add my baggage into shipping cartons? Do you supply those cartons, or do I? How will I pay for this excess baggage shipping service? Can I prepay for this service online? I would also like to know how you base your shipping charges. The quickest method for me to receive this information is for you to contact me through this forum. Thank you for sending this to me.