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International Road freight to Peru

Posted by: Laszio Granados

Where can I locate information about international road freight to Peru? My company will be shipping this freight from our facility at San Antonio, Texas, United States. If you have a ready made fact sheet that you can send me that explains your company and your available shipping services, I ask you to please send that to my email address. I will continue to present some of my more pressing questions and if you do not have them on your fact sheet, please include your response in your email. Thanks. What is the best way for us to do business with your company? Will you open an account for us so that we may submit shipments to you? How will we be able to access information? Do you provide online access? Can we add, update, or cancel shipments via this online interface? Can we track and monitor shipments online as well? What are your available payment options, and can we make payments online? When will your company be available for a pickup and how soon will you deliver this shipment to Peru?