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Package Express shipping to Belize

Posted by: Jerry Brown

Thank you for replying to my inquiry about package express shipping to Belize. Although I will appreciate all of the information you provide, I would especially like to see information that responds to my questions. I am including some of those questions here. I am shipping this package from my office here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The package weighs 2 kilograms. Its dimensions are slightly larger than a typically sized shoe box. What are your estimated shipping charges for this shipment? When can your company come to my office and pickup this package? Once you have the package, when will you deliver it to Belize? Please remember that I am shipping this package by express shipping so I expect it to be delivered within a reasonable amount of time. Will you deliver this package only to the addressee? Do you provide tracking information? What payment methods do you accept? Please include this information to my email address that have provided to this forum. Thank you for sending me this information. Please allow me sufficient time to review it and I will reply to your shortly.