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Residential International Movers to Belize

I seek the services of residential international movers to Belize. I am moving from Guatemala to Belize next month so I am seeking to arrange this move in advance so that everything will be in place when it is needed. How many of these kinds of moves have your company completed? How much would you charge to move the contents of a one bedroom apartment? I have nothing out of the ordinary so this should not be too difficult. When can you have this move completed? Do you pack everything? Do you only supply the packing supplies? How much do you charge for either service? Would it also be possible for you to move one of my cars? It is a mid-sized car. If you can move my car, then please include that pricing and other information as well. Oh, and do you complete this move yourself, or would you outsource any part of this move to another company? Thank you for responding to my inquiry. I do appreciate it.