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Package Express shipping to Bosnia-Herzegovina

Cyien Ltd.
Posted by: Zacharie Simoneaux

I have been asked by my supervisor to locate information about package express shipping to Bosnia-Herzegovina. The reason we need this information is that we are completing an order that will be shipped to Bosnia-Herzegovina. The order will be completed by the first of next week. Does your company offer pickup services at our location here in Rheims, France? Once completely packed and ready for shipping, the package will weigh approximately 3.6 kilograms. The size of the package will be a length of 38 cm, a width of 27 cm, and a depth of 30 cm. We would like to arrange for a pickup once this package is ready to ship. When will your company be available to begin processing this package for shipping? Once you have it in your control, when will you deliver it to our customer in Bosnia-Herzegovina? Might you have it delivered within three days time from the day that you pick it up? Do you have an estimate of how much you will charge us to ship this package with your company? We appreciate your sending this information to our email account.