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Inernational Excess baggage to Bosnia-Herzegovina

Posted by: Nathan Baker

I am traveling with my family to visit my wife's family. We plan to visit them for the summer, so we must take more of our belongings than what we would on a shorter trip. This means we will have more baggage than the airlines will allow before the excess baggage fees begin. With their current excess baggage fees, we cannot afford our baggage shipped with the airlines. So if your company can save us some money, we will appreciate it. Does your company charge by the pound or do you charge by the number of pieces of baggage shipped? When will you deliver our baggage to the destination? Will our baggage be there by the time our scheduled flight is due to arrive? What about baggage claims? Do you have a lost or damaged policy? Do you pay to repair or replace baggage that is lost or damaged during shipping? I will look forward to reviewing your company's excess baggage shipping information. Please send it directly to my included email address. Thank you for your time in providing this information.