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International Excess baggage to Belize

Posted by: Oscar Paulson

I am traveling to Central America from my home here in Dallas, Texas, in the United States next month and I need to arrange to ship international excess baggage to Belize. And believe you me, if you can beat the prices that the airlines charge for this service, you can ship all of my baggage and not just the excess. But first, I need to ask you to send some information to me about your shipping services. Do you charge by the quantity of baggage being shipped? Or do you charge by the weight? Can you also guarantee that my baggage will arrive by the time that my scheduled airline flight arrives? Can you also promise my baggage will arrive undamaged and will not be lost? Just in case anything should happen to it en route, what is your damage and claim policy? Do you pay for any loss or damage? The email address I have included here is my own. Please use it when sending your information as that is the only email account that I will check. Thank you for sending this.