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Air Express shipping to Romania

Posted by: Raoul Cardell

I am planning to ship a package from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and I need information about air express shipping to Romania. Please send any information to the provided email account as that is the fastest method to contact us. The package is a fairly small box. I have already prepared this box for shipping and it weighs 16 kilos. Its size is 68 cm in length, 45 cm wide, and its depth is 28 cm. Does your company provide a pickup service in the Montreal area? If so, then how soon can you arrange for a pickup? If you will provide me with your company's shipping information so that we may review your shipping terms, then we can proceed with the shipment. How much do you estimate you will charge to ship this package by air express? When will you deliver it, and can you guarantee a set delivery day and / or time? Thanks for sending this information. I will look forward to receiving it.