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International Excess baggage to Romania

Posted by: Adele Walker

I must travel between London, United Kingdom (UK) and Romania within two weeks time. Since this is a business trip, and part of my job is including presentations to prospect customers I must include much more baggage than I would normally take on a trip. As you are aware, the airlines charge outrageous fees for excess baggage, and I really do not want to pay those large fees. Therefore, if you can offer me a better arrangement, I will gladly ship all of my baggage with your company. However, first I would like to ask a few questions so that I many understand how your shipping service works. Do you base your charges on the weight of the baggage? Or do you charge by the quantity of bags? When will you deliver my baggage to Romania? Do you guarantee you will have my baggage there by the time my scheduled flight arrives? I am sure you understand the kind of information that I seek. Please send that information to my email address that I have included here. Thank you.