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International Express shipping to Bolivia

Posted by: Kosma annaccone

I need information about international express shipping to Bolivia. I am preparing an order that will be sent from my office here at Bologna, Italy. The package is 61 cm in length, 31 cm wide, and also 31 cm deep. It weighs slightly less than 4 kilograms. How much will you charge me to ship this package with your company? How quickly will you deliver this package to Bolivia? Yes, I realize it is a long way for this to travel. But I need to give my customer some idea of when they should expect the delivery. Do you offer tracking information? How can both I and my customer access it? If the package arrives damaged at the destination, what are the options that are available to me and my customer? Will you need to inspect the package before you will process a claim? What is the length of time we must wait on a decision? Thanks for sending me this information to my email address. Please also include what payment options you have available as well.