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International Excess baggage to Pakistan

Posted by: Isabella Guadagnino

I need to ship several items of baggage from our company's warehouse at Rome, Italy. This baggage was not shipped when our employee left on a business trip last week, and they need the items that are in the suitcases. In order to ensure they receive this baggage on time, I seek to connect with a company who ships international excess baggage to Pakistan. We have our own shipping cartons, so we do not require information about that. However, we do need to know how you will base your charges. Do you charge by volumetric weight? We would also like to know if you can send someone over to our warehouse to pickup this baggage. How will you ship this baggage? Will our employee be able to pickup the baggage at the airport in Pakistan? Or is there some other location that you use for this purpose? Will the charges that we pay at the time of shipping be the only charges that are incurred on this shipment? Will you contact our employee when the baggage arrives in Pakistan? Thank you for sending us this information.