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International Excess baggage to Haiti

Company La Nasa
Posted by: Cosmo Jacaruso

Hello. I am planning a business trip from Italy to Haiti next month and I estimate that I will have 7 suitcases that I must take with me. Although I could ship this baggage with the airlines, I worry that I will not only have to spend a large amount of money in shipping charges, but if there is any time that I must collect my baggage and have to recheck it that will create some problems with my making connecting flights. Therefore, I am posting a few questions to this forum about shipping international excess baggage to Haiti. How much will shipping 7 suitcases cost me by shipping them with a company that ships excess baggage? Where would I ship my baggage from? Would you ship my baggage on the same flights that I would be traveling? When would my baggage arrive at Haiti? Where would I be able to pickup my baggage once I arrive at Haiti? Will my baggage arrive at the same time as I? I am including my email address with this forum in order to expedite my receipt of any information you will send. Thank you.