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International Excess baggage to Bolivia

Posted by: Dolores Gamero

Hello. I hope I am posting my questions in the proper location. I need information about shipping my international excess baggage to Bolivia. I have been living in the United States for the past few years while I have been attending the university. I am now returning to my home in Bolivia, and I am surprised by the quantity of things that I have accumulated over time. It is due to this excess that I will greatly exceed my baggage allotment with the airlines without having to pay a large fee. If your company provides international excess baggage shipping services to Bolivia, I ask you to please email me information about your shipping services. How much will you charge me to ship 7 suitcases? Do you charge by the pound? Where can I ship my excess baggage with your company? Also, where in Bolivia can I pickup my baggage when I arrive? Will my baggage arrive at the same time as my scheduled flight? Thank you for sending me this information.