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International Express shipping to Liechtenstein

Rosenwinkel Ind
Posted by: Eric Ashton

I am here to ask for information about international express shipping to Liechtenstein. As you may surmise, this will be our first shipment to Liechtenstein and we want to be sure that we have all of the facts before we prepare this order for shipping. What does your company know about shipping into Liechtenstein? Are there any restrictions on products that are permitted into the country? Are there any special packaging considerations that must be followed? Are there any customs duties that are due before the shipment can clear customs? For that matter, are there any taxes or fees that are due? Since we have not shipped with your company in the past, I need to ask how you will process any claims that may arise. Does your company carry sufficient insurance coverage? May we purchase additional insurance coverage that will cover the difference between the value of the shipment and your liability limits? Thanks for your prompt response to our inquiry. Please use the contact information that we have provided to this forum. It is the fastest method to contact us.