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International Excess baggage to Argentina

Posted by: Gustavo Schoch

As a part of my occupation, I must frequently travel to international destinations. This often requires me to take many more personal and business items with me due to the extended stays. For my next business travel, I must travel a long way from my home and primary office here in Germany. Since I must take many suitcases with me, I am here to ask for information about shipping international excess baggage to Argentina. If I can ship all of my baggage as one shipment, how much will your company charge me to do this? Will you ship everything together? Are my bags all shipped on the same flight or flights that I will be traveling? How do you base your shipping charges? Does your company ship entirely by air freight? Or do you also ship by ocean freight? I would prefer that only air freight be used because of the distance of this trip. Please also inform me of what payment methods you accept as well as if any duties, taxes, or fees are included in that price.