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Package Express shipping to Oman

Posted by: Larensa Provenzano

I am arranging a shipment that is being processed at our facility at Rome, Italy. In order to provide the better service, I am here to ask a few questions as well as to request information about package express shipping to Oman. Please only respond to questions as they pertain to express shipping as this is the level of service that our customer in Oman has requested. How long will it take your company to deliver this shipment by an express method to Oman? Will you also make tracking information available? When will your company be able to make a pickup at our facility? This would be preferred to be done within this week. Will we be billed for this shipment at the time of the pickup? How can we pay for our shipping charges? Do you accept a standard credit card or cash payment? Is it possible for your company to guarantee the delivery of this shipment by a specific day and or time?