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Package Express shipping to Malaysia

Bonjoylia Enterprises
Posted by: Bobby Forgues

I wonder if there is someone who can email me information about package express shipping to Malaysia. Is there anything that I must know before I prepare this package for shipping to Malaysia? Is there special method that must be used that will protect the package's contents from damage during shipping? Must the package be specially marked or labeled for an international shipment? In addition to the customs documents, is there any other documentation that is necessary for this shipment? Do you provide tracking information? Is tracking information accessible online? Or do you simply send an email each time there is a change in shipping status? Is this tracking information available on international shipments? I also must ask if your company offers a guaranteed delivery service? If so, may I specify that delivery day or time? Is payment expected at the time of shipping, or when the shipment is delivered? What payment options does your company have available? Can we pay for our shipping charges online? I am grateful for your prompt response to my inquiry.