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(2) suitcases from Cochin to Istanbul -- slow is ok

Posted by: steve d

i have 2 boxes/cases to ship from cochin, india to istanbul turkey. each box weighs approx 19kg and is 26"x26"x10" in size. the contents are bicycle parts which are sturdy but need to be treated w/care. we want to deliver to a freight/forwarding company office in cochin in the coming few days -- between february 12 and 15. we will not be in istanbul to retreive them from the receiving firm's office/warehouse/depot for several months -- they will need to be securely stored until august when we will pick them up there. we would estimate the value of the contents of the boxes at approx $5,000 us dollars each so insurance will be needed. we would appreciate companies which can handle this shipping contacting us as soon as possible. thanks very much, steve d