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Posted by: Dietwald Knauber

My company is located at Bremen, Germany, and we are preparing a package for express shipping to Egypt. If your company can complete this shipment on time and without damages, then please send your information kit to our email address. The order will be complete and ready for shipping by the end of this week. We will pack the contents and prepare them for shipping. The package is of the size of a typical shoe box. It will weigh slightly more than 3 kilograms. Please only include your pricing for your express shipping service, as that is what the customer in Egypt has requested. The package includes a few gaskets and rubber seals as replacement parts. Does your company also offer a guaranteed delivery service? If so, how much extra cost is this service? Does your company also make tracking information available? This will be used by us and our customer. How much do you estimate your shipping charge will be for this shipment?