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Package Express shipping to Costa Rica

Baxter Industries
Posted by: Cecilio Mirarchi

I work for a company that is located at New York City, New York, United States, and we are preparing an order that is due to be shipped within the coming week. I am here to ask for information about package express shipping to Costa Rica. Before you send us your shipping information, I must ask you to include your responses to our questions provided here. How soon will your company be available to provide a pickup? When will you deliver this package to Costa Rica? Since we are using your express shipping service, does it include a guaranteed delivery by a certain day and or time? Will you only deliver this package to the company it is addressed? If there is an incident that causes the package to be damaged during shipping, does your company provide payment to replace the damaged item(s)? Is there extra insurance that we may buy that will cover any difference between the declared value of the shipment and your own insurance coverage? We will look for this information in our email account. Thank you for sending it.