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International Excess baggage to Liechtenstein

Posted by: Carlos De la Rosa

Next month, I am traveling from my main office in Bogota, Colombia on business. Since I will be in Europe for the next several weeks, I will have to take more luggage than I would on a normal business trip. Rather than struggle with the airlines and their massive fees, I thought it a good idea to enter this forum and ask for information about shipping international excess baggage to Liechtenstein which is my first stop. How is it best to pack the items that I will take so they will arrive at the destination undamaged? I have observed that some baggage shipping companies pack luggage into cartons. Does your company do this? And if so, do you provide the cartons, or must I purchase these cartons either from you or from someone else? How do you base your fees? Do you charge by weight? Will my baggage arrive at the destination at the same time that my flight is due to arrive? How do you ship this baggage? Do you ship it on the same flight that I will depart Colombia? I will look forward to receiving your company's information.