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Package Express shipping to Thailand

Posted by: Aemiliano Modesto

Is it possible for package express shipping to Thailand? This question pertains to the point of origin being from Modena, Italy. How long will it take to deliver a package to Thailand from Italy? The package weighs slightly less than 5 kilograms. Is it possible for you to provide an estimate of the shipping charges? Please include that with the information kit you will send to our email account. I have a few other questions, but I will only ask some of them here. I will await your information before asking any more. How soon can your company be ready for a pickup at our facility? When will you deliver it to Thailand? Do you have a guaranteed delivery day and or time? If the package is damaged during shipping, does your company reimburse the value of the package's contents? If we ship multiple times with your company, do you offer discounted rates?