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International Excess baggage to Malaysia

Posted by: Albirto Montagnino

I am traveling from my main office at Rome, Italy, on a business trip next month. As I am also traveling with some extra baggage, I am here to ask for information about international excess baggage to Malaysia. Please respond to this inquiry if your company is capable of providing this service. Are all duties, GST, VAT, and sales taxes included in the estimate you will provide with your information package? How should I pack my suitcases for shipping? If your company uses shipping cartons, do you supply them, or must I obtain them from another source? If you supply them, how much is their cost to me? How do you base your charges? Do you price by quantity, weight, or volume? Are there any forms of payment that your company does not accept? How can I pay for shipping? Can I pay online, in advance, or upon arrival? Should I number or label my baggage? To your knowledge, is there anything that I should not take on a trip between Italy and Malaysia? I will look for your response. Thanks.