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Package Express shipping to Bulgaria

Posted by: Adalard Pascal

I seek the services of a company who can provide package express shipping to Bulgaria. Please only include your information as it pertains to express shipping, as this is a rush order due to customer request. It is at this point that I must ask if your company can ship large or odd-shaped items? The package size is 12 ft long, 7 ft wide and 4 ft deep. The point of origin is St. Louis, Missouri, in the United States. Are you familiar with both the United States export laws, and also the European Union import regulations? When is it possible for us to establish an account with your company so that we may begin shipping with you? How many shipments do you require before we would be eligible for a discount? Is there a method for us to track our shipment online? Can we also insure our shipment? Do we purchase this insurance through your company? Or would we contact with a different company for this insurance? Please also include your estimated cost to us for shipping this cargo with your company. Thank you for sending this information as soon as possible.