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International Excess baggage to Estonia

Posted by: Gene Lucas

I am preparing for an upcoming business trip that will begin from London, United Kingdom (UK). As is usually the case with these business trips, I must take more baggage than the airlines will permit before they add on their excess baggage fees. Sadly, their fees continue to increase too fast, so I must seek another shipping method. Therefore, if your company can complete my international excess baggage to Estonia shipping more economically than the airline, it will be most appreciated. So that I may compare services, I ask that you send your information pack to my email address. Please include your pricing, and how it is that you base your charges. Where do I submit my baggage for shipping with your company? Do you have a location in Estonia that I may collect my baggage? Or do you deliver it to my hotel? What is your procedure if my baggage is lost or damaged during shipping? Do you make good on that loss or damage? Thanks for compiling this information and sending it to me. I hope you can save me some money.