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International Express shipping to Colombia

Posted by: Gabino Talavera

Is there a company who provides international express shipping to Colombia who reviews this forum regularly? If so, will you send me your company's information to my email address? I have to send a package to Bogota, Colombia from our office here in Miami, Florida, in the United States and I need to know how it is best to send it. This package is about the size of a large shoe box. It has the weight of 2 kilograms, so it is quite manageable. Does your company provide a pickup service here in Miami? How soon can you come to our office to pick it up? This may be done at any time during our normal business hours. Can you provide an estimate of how much you will charge for us to ship this package with your company? It is important that this package is delivered as soon as possible. Does your company provide an on time delivery by a certain day and / or time? I appreciate your emailing me this information and I will return your contact with where you can pickup this package.