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International Express shipping to Hong Kong

Posted by: Iwona Aegerter

Greetings. I am posting to your forum to request information about international express shipping to Hong Kong. My employer is preparing a shipment that will ship from our Bonn, Germany, facility. The shipment is rather small and consists of only one package. However, the package will be a little bulky, but the weight is not that much. The packages dimensions include 121 cm in length, 91 cm wide, and 45 cm in depth. Its weight is slightly less than 3 kilograms. Do you have a chart that lists your shipping charges so that we may have an estimate of what this shipment will cost us to ship with your company? Do you also have an estimate of when you will deliver this package to Hong Kong? Is there a guaranteed time of delivery that you offer as part of your express shipping service? This shipment will be ready to ship within the next three days. Will your company be available for a pickup by then? Thank you for supplying us with your company's shipping information.