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International Express shipping to Slovenia

Posted by: Damijan Tolj

I need access to information about international express shipping to Slovenia from anyone who has the experience and provides the service between Slovenia and Rome, Italy. This will be a small shipment that is already prepared for shipping. Depending on your company's available resources and locations, we can arrange a pickup at our office, or I can drop the package off at your local shipping office. If your company has a local shipping office, please include its address and hours of service with the information kit you will send to this email address. The package is 27 cm in length, 18 cm wide, and 12 cm deep. Including the contents and the packaging, the weight is 5 kilograms. Do you have a standard shipping charge that you will apply to this shipment? If so, then now much can i expect to pay to ship this package with your company? When will you deliver this package to Slovenia? Can you guarantee you will deliver this by that time? Thank you for sending this information to me right away.