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International Excess baggage to Slovenia

Posted by: Oscar Newman

Thanks for responding to my inquiry. Within the next two weeks, I will be traveling from New York, New York, in the United States on a business trip. While this is not really a big event, the issue is that I will be carrying presentation materials, samples, and other items. This means that I must also carry more baggage on my trip than I would normally. Unfortunately, this also places me into direct conflict with the airlines' baggage policies. In short, this trip will cost me a lot of money if I cannot make other arrangements to ship my baggage. Perhaps your company can help. Can your company ship my excess baggage from New York to Slovenia on time and do it more economically than can the airlines? If you can, then we must discuss this further. Will you send your company's shipping information to my email address? Please include your rate schedules and if you charge by the piece or by the weight. Please also include whether you can deliver my baggage by the time my flight arrives. Thank you for doing this.