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International Express shipping to Singapore

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Posted by: Jacob Renfro

Hello. I must ask for information about international express shipping to Singapore from anyone who may be knowledgeable in this area. If so, then will you please send your company's shipping information to my email address as soon as possible? I only have 5 cases of merchandise to ship, but it must be delivered promptly. How soon can your company deliver this shipment to Singapore when it is shipped from Honolulu, Hawaii, in the United States? Fortunately, each case is the same dimensions, but the weights are different. However, the total weight of these cases is 109 pounds. How much do you expect to charge me for shipping these cases with your company? Do you have a guaranteed delivery where you promise to deliver them by a certain day and / or time? Is that an additional charge, or is this part of your standard delivery services? Thank you for sending me your company's shipping information. I have provided my direct email address just for this purpose.