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International Excess baggage to Singapore

Posted by: Isiah Merckel

I am arranging travel terms for an upcoming business trip, and I have posted here to ask for information about international excess baggage to Singapore. The city where I will begin this trip is in Berlin, Germany. Does your company provide excess baggage shipping services between Germany and Singapore? As you are likely aware, the cost of traveling with excess baggage has soared over the past few years. While some of the airlines are quite generous in how many bags they will allow before the excess baggage fees kick in, there are others that charge exorbitant fees for fewer bags. Within the information I seek to obtain from your company, I hope to see some significant cost savings. How much money can your company save me over what the airlines would charge? Does your company charge by the weight, or by the quantity of baggage shipped? Can your company deliver my baggage by the time that my flight shall arrive at Singapore? Do you deliver to my hotel, or must I claim my baggage at your shipping counter? I look forward to receiving your information, and I thank you for sending it.