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Posted by: Gene Harrison

I am shipping a package from my employer's warehouse just outside of Los Angeles, California, in the United States. I need information about package express shipping to the Philippines from a company who offers this service. I have posted my inquiry to your forum in anticipation of connecting with such a company. The package I must ship is fairly standard in size. It is 10 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 5 inches deep. Including the packaging, it weighs 6 pounds. Can you provide me with a quote of how much you will charge to complete this delivery? How soon can you promise to deliver this package to the addressee who is located at Manila? The contents of this package are slightly fragile. Do you guarantee you will deliver this package undamaged? If there are damages to the contents of this package, do you offer restitution? How soon can you arrange for a pickup at our facility? Thank you for your time and for sending this information to me as soon as possible.