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International Excess baggage to Philippines

Posted by: Patricia Menendez

I am on a journey, and as part of that journey I plan to spend some time in the Philippines. Since I will be there for several months, I am taking more baggage than I would take on a regular trip. Therefore, I need information from a company about international excess baggage to the Philippines. However, I want to ask some questions that I hope you will respond to in your information packet. How do you base your charges? Some companies charge by the weight, while some others charge by the number of pieces. Can your company deliver my baggage before my scheduled flight arrives to Manila? I am planning to leave within the next couple of weeks. How soon can I check my baggage with your company? Do you deliver to my hotel, or will I pickup my baggage from your local office? How do you guarantee that my baggage will arrive undamaged? If there is damage, do you provide restitution for my loss? The email address I have included is the one that I closely monitor so I will receive your info when you send it. Thank you.