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International Excess baggage to Kuwait

Posted by: Trevor Paulson

Thanks for allowing me to post my questions here. I need information about international excess baggage to Kuwait. This is my third business trip in as many weeks, and I am tired of paying the outrageous excess baggage fees that the airlines charge. Can your company ship my baggage more economically than the airlines? I do have just a few questions if you do not mind. For instance, do you charge by the number of bags shipped, or do you charge by the weight of the baggages? The contents in most of these bags are for business, which means that I must have them when I arrive at Kuwait. Do you guarantee you will deliver my baggage on time? Do you also guarantee you will deliver my bags undamaged? When my baggage arrives at Kuwait, do you deliver it to my hotel, or must I collect it at your local office? Thanks a lot for sending me this information. I have included my direct email address with this post to make it easier for you to contact me. Thanks again.