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Package Express shipping to Kuwait

Posted by: Ronald Barclay

I must send a package to a friend of mine who is attending the university at Kuwait City. Therefore, the information I need involves package express shipping to Kuwait. This package will be shipped from Madrid, Spain, and if your company has a shipping office near to me, I can drop off the package. If you do have an office, please advise of its location and its hours of service. The package is not very large. It is 203 mm in length by 127 mm in width and it is also 127 mm deep. It weighs less than one kilo so it is also very light. How much do you estimate you will charge for me to ship this package? Do you have an guaranteed delivery day or time? Will my friend have to sign for it? Or do you allow anyone to sign for this package? This is important, as I only want my friend to receive this package. I have given you my direct contact information so that I will be the only one who receives it. Thanks for sending this.