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International Excess baggage to Bahrain

Posted by: Raul Heber

I am scheduling a trip next month and I must take more baggage than the airline will permit. Well, they will permit it but they will charge an outrageous price for it. I am looking to save some money as well as be able to have all of my baggage delivered at once. Would you deliver my baggage before my flight is due to arrive at Bahrain? Do you offer hotel delivery, or must I pick it up at your local office? It does not matter to me. I just want to know what to expect. I have 6 bags total. Do you charge by the piece or by the weight of the baggage? How much would it cost me? Where do I drop off my baggage to ship with you? How do you protect my baggage against being damaged? Do you guarantee my baggage will arrive undamaged? If you would be so kind to send this information as soon as possible, I will appreciate it. I prefer to have my shipping plans in place sooner rather than later.