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International Express shipping to Brazil

Posted by: Marc Trelein

Can someone respond to this inquiry about international express shipping to Brazil? I want to send a package to a friend who lives just outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil. However, I am not very clear on how is the best way to do this. Does your company have a shipping office that is near to Paris, France? Please tell me where it is located and if your employees can assist me in how to package these items so they will not be damaged during shipping. The package contains a bottle of wine, a bottle of perfume, and a few other gifts. My friend is originally from here and I want to surprise her with a few items to make her feel more at home. The box that I have to pack these items in is 457 mm long, 254 mm wide, and 178 mm deep. I estimate it will weigh less than a couple of kilos. Although the weight may increase once any packing material is added at your shipping store.